Topless Jihad reached president of Tunisia!

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Topless Jihad is going on! FEMEN activists carried out the sex attack on the President of Tunisia, Moncef Marzouki, during his visit to Paris. Three sextremists entered into closed Conference in Institute of Arab culture in Paris, where Marzouki gave a presentation to the media of his book "The invention of democracy". French sextremists sabotaged the conference shutting mouth of Marzouki shouting " Toples Jihad" and " women's spring is coming". The bodies of the attackers were asking "Where is Amina?", recalling the Tunisian FEMEN Amina subjected threats by the Islamists and who is still in forced isolation. FEMEN accuses Tunisia's ruling class with rather Islamization of the country. President Marzuki shares responsibility for Islamization of Tunisia along with his protege, the leader of the Islamist party, Ennadha prime Minister Ali Laraedom. FEMEN insists on toppling regimes that came during an Arab spring, which brought the Islamist black. FEMEN said the deteriorating situation of women in the region and insists on the need for a new Arab women's revolution to liberate women from the middle age traditions that are controlling their life. Freedom for women! Free Amina!

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