Obama help! Femen Germany in action

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Sextremists FEMEN have used historical Obama's visit to Berlin to declare illegal presence in the Tunisian prison our four sisters Amina Sbou, Josephine Markman, Pauline Hiller, Marguerite Stern. By ambushing on the route of the U.S. President, sextremists FEMEN attempted to break through to the motorcade and just becsause of the unprecedented security measures prevented them to implement their plan. The bodies of FEMEN sextremists were inscribed by the calls "Obama, help!". Sextremists FEMEN have been arrested and moved to the police station.

FEMEN is addressing to the leader of world democracy, U.S. President Barack Obama with a statement of gross violations of human rights in the Middle East and asked to promote the release of Tunisian prisoners of FEMEN.

FEMEN continued their pressure on the international political elite with the requirement to tighten the dialogue with the Tunisian authorities to free the activists FEMEN, who are illegally held in Tunisian prisons.


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