No fashion dictaterror!

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FEMEN sextremists stormed the runway of a Nina Ricci show during the Fashion week in Paris, to condemn the anti human industry of fashion. During the demonstration of new collection of the designer FEMEN activists appeared topless at the stage with slogans written on their bare breasts "Fashion dictaterror" and "Fahion fascism".

This way FEMEN protest against exploitative fashion industry with its beauty standards.Women sacrifice their private life and health for this dirty male business, that seeks to exploits women in every possible way.

FEMEN calls for necessarily quick attack on fashion dictatorship as one of main development of sex-industry and beauty standards for women.

We threat all PIMPs and fashion dictators by our bare breasts attack. We will follow you until your exploitative traditions will disappear. FEMEN will not stop until each and every woman on this planet, will wake up from the suppressors dream and will reclaim her body to proclaim her own rules about everything. We claim our body for ourselves; we reclaim our sexuality and our stolen beauty! We rebel against the exploitation of women in the fashion industry!

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